Australian Citizenship

Australia Immigration

In order to become a permanent resident of Australia and stay in this country for an indefinite period, you need to apply for permanent residency. With our experience in this field, we can help you apply and become a Permanent Australian Resident.

Permanent Residency on General Skilled Visa

Australia follows a point-based system when deciding to grant permanent residency for the GSM applicants. There are various selection factors like age, qualification, work experience, proficiency in language, etc. A minimum score of 65 is needed to get a GSM with permanent residency. Apart from this, one needs to meet all other eligibility criteria for the required visa category.

There are other permanent visa categories with specific requirements.

Benefits of Permanent Residency/Australian Citizenship

This will entitle you to work and live in Australia indefinitely. You can even leave the country and come back frequently. It can help you get citizenship and your children born here would become citizens by default. Benefits of living and working in Australia are mani-fold. Please read ‘About Australia’